Monitoring of work and adjacent structures

Work and adjacent structures

Work and adjacent structures

OSMOS an early stage detects structural disorders. The soil changes Assize, vibrations or shocks caused by the work may have implications well beyond the site itself. Benefiting from targeted behavioral assessments, our customers have accurate and objective data to prove the actual impact of work on surrounding buildings. OSMOS and accompanies the works managers in optimizing phases of work for the security of intervention teams and residents.

Keep risks under control at each step of your work operation

Your concerns

  • Maintenance / Rehabilitation
  • Adjacent work
  • Underpinning
  • Construction/demolition
  • Excavations


Our solutions

  • Monitoring excavation operations
  • Monitoring the distribution of the loads
  • Monitoring of differential settlements effects
  • Monitoring micro-tunnelling operations
  • Monitoring of adjacent structures