Water pipe, Eisleben, Germany

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Water pipe, Eisleben, Germany

Project: Monitoring an adjoining construction
Location: Eisleben, Allemagne
Instrumentation: S.E.A expert acquisition system with Optical Strands, Temperature probes

OSMOS benefits:

  • Continuity of operations
  • Anticipation of risks
  • Prevention of disputes



Monitoring an adjoining construction

This concrete and steel pipe is an essential structure that carries water in the region of Eisleben. The construction of a road above the water tunnel represents risks of collapse for the road and structural damage for the pipe. The client thus wished to monitor the condition of the structure to anticipate any potential risks. The first results provided by the OSMOS technologies reassured the client, as the deformations observed were within an acceptable amplitude interval, including when transporting water. Using the OSMOS systems the client was able to continuously monitor the impact of the work on the pipe and ensure continuity of operations.



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