Warehouse Rue d'Alger, Nice, France

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Warehouse Rue d'Alger, Nice, France

Project: Entrepôt rue d'Alger
Location: Nice, France
Instrumentation: S.E.A expert acquisition system with Optical Strands, Alarm system, Temperature probe

Bénéfices OSMOS :

  • Safety of the adjacent properties
  • Prioritization of interventions
  • Support in taking decisions



Monitoring of a building in an emergency situation

Following a major fire that caused the collapse of the warehouse roof, the fragilization of the façades, and the evacuation of twenty or so people, OSMOS was consulted urgently to place the building under surveillance and ensure the safety of the neighbourhood. The client wished to be informed, as early as possible, of any abnormal change in the behaviour of the instrumented structure. The first results reassured the client with regard to the deformations observed in the instrumented parts that remained within a respectable interval. 



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