Tunnel Sydney underground, Australia

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Tunnel Sydney underground, Australia

Project: Tunnel Sydney underground
Location: Sydney, Australia
Instrumentation: S.E.A expert acquisition system with Optical Strands, Temperature probe, Optical Extensometer

Bénéfices OSMOS:

  • Monitoring the TBM and complex equipment
  • Safety of operators
  • Continuity of the work


Monitoring TBM deformation in relation to the terrain encountered


Four years away from the Olympic Games in Sydney, one of the largest underground construction projects ever undertaken in Australia is in progress. Its commissioning in 2000 ensured not only direct access from the airport to the town centre but also better service to the southern districts of the city. The client wished to validate, at each stage, the preservation of the mechanical characteristics of the TBM and thus ensure total safety for its workers. This site saw the use of one of the largest TBMs ever built anywhere in the world. The deformations recorded by the Optical Strands placed inside the TBM made it possible to monitor that the mechanical characteristics of the structure were properly preserved. The client benefited from structural monitoring of the TBM, in real time and during the works.
This technology was able to be put in place quickly and to continuously measure the variations in constraints within this complex structure without disturbing the work cycle.



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