Test in the CEDEX laboratory in Madrid, Spain

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Test in the CEDEX laboratory in Madrid, Spain

Project: Test in the CEDEX laboratory
Location: Madrid, Spain
Instrumentation: Cordes Optiques

OSMOS benefits:

  • Prévention des dommages sur le long terme 
  • Evaluation de modèles d'usure


Simulation of high-speed trains on a fatigue test bench

As part of laboratory studies, a railway was reconstituted to simulate the passage of trains at 300 kph using three hydraulic cylinders acting directly upon the rails with a pressure of 20 Mpa. At a time when Spain is in the production phase of a number of high-speed railway lines, the long-term behaviour of rails under the passage of high-speed trains remains relatively unknown. In order to assess possible models of wear of the rails and long-term supports and thus plan optimized maintenance operations, the client called upon the services of OSMOS. OSMOS sensors and analog sensors were installed to record the simulation of 3,340 convoys. The results revealed total repeatability in the dynamic signature of simulated passages for a short or a long convoy.



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