Supermarket trois fontaines, Cergy, France

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Supermarket trois fontaines, Cergy, France

Project: Supermarket trois fontaines
Location: Cergy, France
Instrumentation: LIRIS standalone Optical Strands

OSMOS benefits :

  • Requalification of the supposed risks
  • Safety 
  • Optimization of work



Verification of a bearing capacity in a commercial space 

Built in the 1970s, this commercial centre consists of a posts beams reinforced concrete structure. Although renovation works are programmed, calculations showed that some slabs did not have sufficient bearing capacity relative to the desired value, although no damage was noted, not even in the most stressed zones such as the liquid products storage spaces. LIRIS Optical Strands were positioned on the surface of the slab, in the direction of the joist span, on either side of expansion joints to verify the behaviour of the slab in a normal load situation. The results revealed that the static deformation remained within a very short interval, even during significant loads.



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