Soldier pile wall, Domokos, Greece

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Soldier pile wall, Domokos, Greece

Project: Soldier pile wall
Location: Domokos, Greece
Instrumentation: S.E.A expert acquisition system with Optical Strands, Tiltmeter, Temperature probes

OSMOS benefits:

  • Continuity of operations
  • Public safety
  • Safety of adjacent properties


Preventive monitoring in a high-risk environment

This 150 metres long structure was built along railways on the side of a hill to stabilise the latter and prevent a landslide that could render the nearby railway tracks unusable. In an environment where seismic risk is important, the client wished to incorporate deformation sensors, at the time of the construction of the reinforcing structure. The OSMOS Optical Strands were installed vertically in the wall over three sections to different depths, before being inserted in the ground and concrete pouring. The client has the benefit of a "smart wall" that provides information in real-time of the risks of a landslide, notably after an event such as an earthquake. 



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