Shopping center parking, Heerlen, Netherlands

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Shopping center parking, Heerlen, Netherlands

Project: Centre commercial Heerlen
Location: Heerlen, Netherlands
Instrumentation: S.E.A expert acquisition system with Optical Strands, Temperature probe and LIRIS independent Optical Strands

OSMOS Benefits:

  • Public safety
  • Support in taking decisions
  • Anticipation of accidents



Prediction of a collapse 3 days in advance

When one of the columns of an underground parking at t’Loon shopping mall in Heerlen, The Netherlands, subsided, the worst has been avoided Thanks to OSMOS Benelux. This was critical as the parking garage is located under a shopping mall and several residential building. Geotechnical soundings had shown a void between 50 and 70 meters below explaining where the cracks in the slab were originating. At that point, OSMOS instrumentation was installed on both sides of the column that was threatened in order to measure the stress in the structure. It became immediately apparent that the structure was being subjected to abnormal stress in that specific location. OSMOS was able to predict the collapse of the pillar in advance minimizing the risk. The inhabitants of the building over the parking lot were thus able to be safely evacuated the night before the event; the shopping mall was closed because of the danger of collapse and any human tragedy was avoided.



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