R.E.E.L. overhead crane Villefranche sur Saône, France

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R.E.E.L. overhead crane Villefranche sur Saône, France

Project: R.E.E.L. overhead crane
Location: Villefranche sur Saône, France
Instrumentation: S.E.A expert acquisition system with Optical Strands, Temperature probe

OSMOS Benefits:

  • Continuity of operations
  • Budget Optimization
  • Maintenance of a full park of structures



Monitoring a fleet of overhead travelling cranes


Overhead travelling cranes are essential to ensure the smooth operation of a factory and its output. However, the regularly carried out visual controls are unable to detect possible hidden defects liable to cause damage and to interrupt the production line. When equipping this fleet of overhead travelling cranes with Optical Strands, OSMOS carried out a reliable and accurate verification of the solidity of the equipment. The loading, hoisting, lateral displacement, and sudden braking tests have all confirmed the good condition of the parts. By using OSMOS technologies as preventive tools over a whole fleet of overhead cranes, the client protects itself against damage, given that unforeseen repairs may interrupt operations, and obtains a global vision of the condition of its fleet. 



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