Railway lines, Lohsa, Germany

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Railway lines, Lohsa, Germany

Project: Voies ferrées Lohsa
Location: Lohsa, Allemagne
Instrumentation: S.E.A expert acquisition system with Optical Strands, Temperature probe

OSMOS benefits:

  • Optimization of operating conditions
  • Targeting of corrective measures
  • Safety of users



Confirmation of the stability of the platform above abandoned mining galleries 


This railway line was built in the 1950s above an abandoned limestone mining site, forcing managers to reduce the speed of trains to 50 kph. The client wished to understand the actual behaviour of the railway in order to optimize its use. With limited instrumentation, OSMOS was able to monitor the rails over 800 metres and enabled the client to continue using the railway line in complete security. Reinforcement work was undertaken and the structural monitoring by OSMOS for the purposes of preventive maintenance. 



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