Rail tracks, Gourdon station, Lot, France

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Rail tracks, Gourdon station, Lot, France

Project: Rail tracks, Gourdon station
Location: Lot, France
Instrumentation: Système expert d'acquisition S.E.A avec Cordes Optiques, Sonde de température

OSMOS benefits :

  • Continuity of activity
  • Budget optimization
  • Prevention of damage while work was carried out



S.E.A expert acquisition system with Optical Strands, Temperature probe

Triple drilling perpendicular to the railway tracks,with a diameter of 60 cm, was required to a depth of 2 metres in such a way as to not impact the functioning of the railway line during the operations. The client wished to ensure the stability of the tracks during the work to avoid any differential between the tracks or any longitudinal settlement caused by subsidence. The 365 dynamic loads recorded, that correspond to the railway convoys, caused stable and identical amplitude deformations during the work, proving that the drilling did not cause any subsidence. 



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