Q.I.T. overhead crane, Sorel-Tracy, Canada

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Q.I.T. overhead crane, Sorel-Tracy, Canada

Project: Q.I.T. overhead crane
Location: Sorel-Tracy, Canada
Instrumentation: S.E.A expert acquisition system with Optical Extensometers, Temperature probes

OSMOS Benefits:

  • Support in taking decisions
  • Optimization of operating conditions
  • Public safety



Bearing capacity of a running track


The QIT special ferrous alloys foundry was constructed on a clay soil. The overhead crane to be monitored travels over a distance of 300 metres and is inspected at regular intervals, in particular the levelling of its columns. The client wanted to increase the bearing capacity of the crane from 125 to 150 tonnes. To guarantee the continuity of operations of this overhead crane when changing to a higher category, the client wanted to study its fatigue. The observations of the different phases of activity (loading, hoisting, lateral movement, sudden braking, etc…) have provided results that confirm the strength of the crane.



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