Manhattan Bridge, New-York city, USA

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Manhattan Bridge, New-York city, USA

Projet: Pont de Manhattan, Monitoring during and after the deck strenghening work
Lieu: New-York, Etats-Unis
Instrumentation: Monitoring station, Tiltmeters, Optical Extensometers, Temperature sensor

OSMOS benefits:

  • Business continuity
  • Users safety
  • Validation of bearing capacity


Built beween 1901 and 1912, the Manhattan bridg spans the East River and serves both for automobile and rail traffic. Following the appearance of visually perceptible movements between the suspension cables and the vertical truss members, strenghtening work is planned to preserve the famous Bridge, which pylons, deck and cables are of steel. Thanks to OSMOS, the customer was able to compile a behavioural record of the structure, detect possible effects of the work and evaluate the effectiveness of the strenghthening work on its stability. Once the works done, OSMOS systems supply the client with reliable data establishing the structure's reference state.



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