Food distribution store, Creil, France

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Food distribution store, Creil, France

Project: Food distribution store
Location: Creil, France
Instrumentation: S.E.A expert acquisition system with Optical Strands, Temperature probe, Visible and audible alert 

OSMOS benefits :

  • Safety of workers
  • Optimization of emergency work
  • Peace of mind



Monitoring a damaged structure before intervening

When a fire broke out in this retail food store, most of the building was destroyed. The damaged structure, consisting of metal posts and framework as well as façades in metal cladding, was quickly declared unfit. Although the roof resisted during the fire, the client wished to ensure its stability during the operations to clean and clear the site. The system put in place by the OSMOS teams informs the client on any changes to the roof in real time and continuously. The three optical strands installed on the purlins and roof beams, are connected to an OSMOS smart station. The sensor network, complemented by a temperature sensor and an alarm system, ensures for the client that the system will be triggered if certain thresholds are exceeded.



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