Floor tests at Wattrelos, France

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Floor tests at Wattrelos, France

Project: Floor tests at Wattrelos
Location: Wattrelos, France
Instrumentation: S.E.A expert acquisition system with Optical Strands, Optical probes

OSMOS Benefits:

  • Optimization of operating conditions
  • Requalification of damage
  • Prevention of disputes



Verification of the bearing capacity


A 5-storey warehouse constructed in the 1960s, serving as storage unit had to be renovated. The originally calculated operating load was 700 kg/m2 for levels with pallets and 300 kg/m2 for levels with boxes. However, in the presence of visible damage (cracked beams, deflected slabs) the client wished to confirm that its current maximum use load could be supported by the structure, to be able to obtain maximum benefit from its storage capacity. Six frames over five different levels were then instrumented by OSMOS and the amplitudes obtained showed that they were stressed below 20% of their elastic limit. With these results, the client was able to use its storage surface in an optimum manner and not fear any irreversible damage.



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