Duberger Arena, Quebec, Canada

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Duberger Arena, Quebec, Canada

Project: Duberger Arena
Location: Quebec, Canada
Instrumentation: S.E.A expert acquisition system with Optical Strands, Video Camera, Temperature probe

OSMOS benefits:

  • User safety
  • Optimization of maintenance budgets
  • Postponement of work



Snow bearing capacity of the roof

The steel framework of this building's roof consists of I-joists and trusses in a traditional arrangement. An initial assessment of the framework carried out before the intervention of OSMOS concluded that the maximum bearing capacity had been virtually achieved. It was also stressed that repair work would be required over the medium term and that it would be necessary to monitor the framework over the short term in order to ensure the safety of the site. OSMOS thus carried out work to instrument the trusses and the I-joists in the roof and monitor any deformations resulting from a build-up of snow. The monitoring system demonstrated that the deformations were reversible.


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