OSMOS solutions for each context

Discover the different contexts that you must deal with



In the event of:

  • Detection of structural problems
  • Prevention of disputes
  • Evaluation of insurability

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Removal of doubts

In the event of:

  • Cracks
  • Deformations
  • Bearing capacity verification
  • External stresses

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In the event of:

  • Maintenance/Rehabilitation work
  • Adjacent structure monitoring
  • Neighbouring survey
  • Underpinning

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Crisis management

In the event of:

  • Accidents
  • Climate events
  • Atypical situations
  • Earthquakes

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Designed as information tools, OSMOS solutions allow you to manage risks in order to anticipate damage and costs related to emergency situations. OSMOS provides support to managers in a proactive management approach to enhance their structures or building parks and achieve optimized budgets.

  • Construction :

    Ensure the smooth operation of the project and the absence of hidden defects.

  • Maintenance :

    Schedule corrective operations and significantly reduce large maintenance costs.

  • Rehabilitation :

    Monitor the progress of any work in real time and ensure the continued operation of the structure.


OSMOS offers support so that you can take decisions with absolute certainty