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Founded in 2001, OSMOS is a pioneer of monitoring engineering. Its unique fibre-optic based system produces an extremely early report on the structural health of all types of structures.

By optimising the operating conditions of the structures, OSMOS extends their lifetime, thus cutting out the need for major renovations, which has economic and environmental impacts.

As a result of its innovative technology, OSMOS obtains a real-time assessment of the health of a structure at each stage of its life cycle.

Controlling unforeseen events by studying objective criteria optimizes operating and maintenance costs. Shutdowns, costly operations linked to urgency and crisis situations are prevented as a result of the proactive management of a structure or a building park.


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OSMOS - strain measurement on a road bridge

The bending of 3 spans of the road bridge is monitored by 8 OSMOS Optical Strands installed on the top and bottom members of the steel frame. Each heavy vehicle passing through is recorded by the Expert System Acquisition, which allows the reconstruction of the evolution of the structure under the effect of each convoy : stresses magnitude in the material, estimation of broaches and identification of vibration modes.



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OSMOS monitors several thousand structures including the Champlain Bridge in Canada, Eurotunel, the Orsay Museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona, the Beauvais Cathedral and the Stade de France.


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OSMOS Monitoring


OSMOS's revolutionary technology is the result of more than 10 years research and over 35 international patents. A philosophy of innovative that remains at the heart of the company's expansion, defended by the OSMOS CEO and supported by continuous investment.


With its unrivalled industrial power, the OSMOS chain of production is designed to balance high-tech and mass production.






Awards and distinctions

Export Trophy - Innovation Award from the Association of the Mayors of France - Crisis Management Award


Since it was established in 2001, OSMOS has received numerous awards and distinctions, including:- the Trophée résilience sociétale, the Award for Innovation delivered by the Salon des Maires de France, the Prix Chef d’entreprise 2013, the Trophée PME bougeons-nous (2012), the Frost & Sullivan Award (2004) – Customer Value Enhancement Award for the test and measurement industry, the Schumpeter Award from the magazine Wirtschaftswoche in the series "Creative Destruction" (2001).

OSMOS has also been awarded the Risqu’Innov label issued by the Office d’Analyse des Risques Publics (OFARP). OSMOS is a member of the Association Française du Génie civil, the Haut comité français pour la défense civile and the association Ingénierie de maintenance du génie civil.