LIRIS : flexible, wireless, standalone monitoring

 LIRIS standalone wireless Optical Strand

The OSMOS standalone wireless Optical Strand is incorporated in the world of the Internet of Things for ad hoc, non-intrusive monitoring, including in zones that are difficult of access or in emergency situations. The wireless standalone Optical Strand has a compact mini-station that provides real-time detection and analysis of deformations based on 18 behavioural criteria.

Data recovery is done manually by OSMOS teams before the data are recorded and analysed in the OSMOS Cloud and become accessible from the client Web interface.

The OSMOS wireless standalone Optical Strand is easy to install and configure. It is compatible with visible and audible alarm systems and with the SMS alert system that remotely informs the recipient if the threshold is exceeded and sends a daily structural behaviour report.

Alert Extensions

Visible and Audible


Main characteristics of the LIRIS sensors

18 behavioural criteria

Autonomy Up to 18 months under conditions
Sampling frequency 50 Hz
Automatic registrations - 1 average value per hour in static mode (Optical Strand, Extensometer)
- 4 values per day in static mode (Tiltmeter)
- 1 value every 20 milliseconds in dynamic mode, with buffer memory to enter a complete event, data recording before and after event.
20μm without filtering (low power)
10μm max with filtering
Communication USB Radio modem